Music CD-ROMs

Daniel-Spitz - Ketcham - Rosenthal

Volume I: Asian Songs and Rhythms
Volume II: Music of the Sayyids and the Dervishes

de Hartmann, Thomas

The Music of Gurdjieff / de Hartmann

Gurdjieff / Basta

Improvisations March 9, 1949 - October 14, 1949
Improvisations May 20, 1949 - June 15, 1949
The Complete Harmonium Recordings

Higgins, Norman

Asian Songs and Rhytms - Sacred Hymns

Ketcham - Rosenthal

Volume III: Hymns from a great temple and other selected works
Volume IV: Hymns, Prayers and Rituals

Kremski, Alain

Gurdjieff - de Hartmann 1/2: Chercheurs de vérité
Gurdjieff - de Hartmann 6: Rituel d'un ordre soufi

Lechner - Tsabropoulos

Chants, Hymns and Dances

Stulen, Jan (conducted by)

Oriental Suite. The Complete Orchestral Music 1923-1924


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